About us

“Connectivity is our passion and Simplicity our goal”


DiHola is the simplest way to connect two or more devices. We provide a software to create any kind of connection in less than a second. DiHola is changing the way people connect, pay, verificate and access every day in the world.


Connections are those little actions we use to do every day unconsciously, they are there and DiHola aim to make it as simple as never before. We offer our software to ease every single connection day by day.




All began with an idea to digitize business cards between two university students. The aim and the ambition to offer this solution and accomplish our goal make us know a tech student that allowed us to create the technology we were looking for. None of the existent connectivity technologies (QR, NFC, Bluetooth etc) let us gave the user experience that would make people change business cards by DiHola App. That is how we start looking for an innovative technology to accomplish our goal, and that is how we found DiHola´s technology that allows to connect two devices with just a shaking or bumping movement.


Straightaway, we realise that there are multiple use cases where our technology can be applied and a member of a financial institution propose us to implement our software to make P2P payments. That is how we start DiHola Shaking API adventure, trying to ease connectivity process from Barcelona to the world.

Our Mission

We know connectivity will determine the future of our lives, and we want to keep it simple abording next connectivity challenges adapting our technology for offline connections and IOT processes.

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